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Therapy Programs

Aquatic Therapy – Treatment in warm water has many benefits, including relaxation of tense muscles, reduced stress on joints, and aiding in reducing inflammation. Our therapy pool offers both shallow and deep water therapy along with whirlpool jets to promote relaxation. Common patients we treat in the water are those with arthritic joints, post spinal surgeries, total joint replacements, fibromyalgia, and those who have been involved in auto accidents.

Industrial Rehabilitation – Those hurt at work will benefit from rehab designed to safely and quickly return to them to their job. Besides appropriate exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance, we customize treatment to simulate the work task required at that specific job.

Sports Medicine – Management of sports related injuries allows us to help you get back on the court/field as soon as possible. We’ll also give you some tips on how to prevent future injury. Therapeutic exercise will be specific to your individual sport.

Auto Accidents – Treatment of post auto accident injuries require special techniques designed to restore range of motion and strength without irritating soft tissues which were strained upon injury. Many patients begin therapy in our therapy pool and transition to a land based exercise program as they are able. Returning you to your job and normal daily activities in an expedient manner is our main goal.

Occupational Therapy – Sometimes injuries are best treated by occupational therapy, which will help in the patients transition from healthcare facility to home. Occupational therapists can also be valuable in the rehabilitation of upper extremity injuries.

Speech Therapy – Disorders involving one’s speech can be treated with the help of a Speech Therapist. The patient will be instructed in home exercise which help to aid in recovery time.

Functional Capacity Exams – These specialized evaluations allow the patient and their employer to know what the patient is capable of when returning to the work place. Administered by a specially trained therapist, our goal is to make sure you return to the right job safely.

Fibromyalgia – Chronic pain of the muscles and connective tissues can benefit from treatment designed to promote muscle relaxation and strengthening without causing further irritation. Aquatic therapy is often an important piece in the treatment of this condition.


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